2021 was certainly the year when NFT started to generate mainstream levels of excitement across not just the crypto landscape, but more broadly in the mainstream media. With massive brands like Nike, McDonalds, Coke and Gucci all starting to explore the opportunities and be seen as innovators.

From experience, and contrary to folk law with early adopters its not as easy as throwing up some jpegs into a marketplace and making millions. Successful NFT projects, like all good brands, have to create and engage a loyal audience with a compelling brand story to really stand out from the crowd.

Below we briefly touch on some of the proven methods to build your community and successfully launch your NFT project:

1.Pre-Launch Strategy: You will first need to of course generate your artwork, and start to build a presence online for your project. This will of course include a website, social media profiles and start to build our who you are from a project and branding point of view. It’s important at this stage to detail what your project is, speak to your target audience and establish branding and tone of voice for your presence.

2.Video Teaser: One of the best ways to capture attention on your site and across social channels is a video teaser, or a selection of short videos that can be edited and repurposed in posts, stories and website embeds. Projects that do this well almost treat this teaser as a short feature length film!

3. Owned Social Media: Building your community on Instagram, Twitter and even TikTok is an essential step. Using your artwork and teaser videos here will help attract your early audience and you can grow your audience building anticipation right up through the early stages of the project.

4. Discord / Telegram: All things Crypto LIVE on telegram and discord! As with Social Media, we could go into lengthily discussion about the specifics of how to grow and nurture these audiences – they’re absolutely fundamental to success!

5. Email Newsletter: Grow your email list, attract and incentivise your audiences to sign up for them. Similar to social channels, email subscribers are an owned resource of loyal community members and can be carefully primed ready for your project launch.

6. Paid Newsletters: There are several crypto and NFT newsletters, some will let you guest post whilst others require payment for a sponsored post – but leverage these audiences to expand your reach.

7. Paid Social Media: Now, this can be expensive but very rewarding. There are several opportunities to explore including Social Platform Ads (FB/Insta), Influencers, Pump Accounts, Celebs Accounts and more. Choosing a strategy that fits your budget and an audience that suits your project is key to delivering a generous return on investment.

8. PR Articles (Paid): Do not under estimate the value of more traditional but industry specific PR. Some of these platforms have their own local Ad spots, some prefer sponsored posts – again, choose wisely and time it at key moments in your roadmap.

9. AMA with the NFT Artist: Ask me Anything or essentially a Q&A with the owner or artist is another great way to drive long lasting positive impact to new audiences.

10. Countdown Anticipation: You’ve done everything above and more… You’re launching in a few weeks… Start to leverage that community to build hype – get the machine oiled up and ready to pump. Run competitions, giveaways, have your posts lined up. Be creative and full of energy.

If you’d like to talk to our team about your NFT launch and build out a Digital strategy for your project then contact us and we’d love to connect.