2022 is the year that Crypto Play-to-Earn games break through, but before we get too excited about that in this podcast we walk through the history of gaming – remember stand-up arcade games?

Decentralize Digital Founder @BazPixel was recently invited to join the fabulous @PenguinKarts 3D Play-to-Earn Gaming company as CMO, an offer too good to turn down, as they build out their brand ahead of launch in March/April.

In this episode of the ‘A Little Late To Crypto‘ show, Baz is interviewed and discusses some of the objectives and opportunities that blockchain is bringing into the gaming scene such as Play-to-Earn, NFT trading, Interoperability of NFT assets and changing the commercial dynamic between the Gamer and Platforms financially.

As we’re super close to this project, expect to hear more on our blog about in-game NFTs and how this exciting play-to-earn concept unfolds.